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Last Updated: 05/11/2017
Posted by admin On Tue 10 Jun, 2014

I noticed electronic cigarettes have an acronym MTL and DL. What does this mean?

ANSWER: These acronyms refer to techniques to draw on a electronic cigarette. MTL means Mouth to Lung and DL means Direct Lung. MTL is where you have your mouth tight around the cigarette, inhale into the mouth and then breathe into the lung (typical smoker). DL is the technique where you leave a little space around the mouthpiece and breath slowly directly into the lung.

I noticed you have two types of batteries. Fixed and variable voltage. What is the difference?

ANSWER: A fixed voltage battery send the same amount of voltage to the atomizer all the time (A 3.7 volt battery sends 3.3 volts). A variable voltage batteries voltage is controlled by the customer. Typically there is a dial on the bottom of the battery that the customer can turn to increase of decrease the voltage sent to the atomizer. This allows the customer to easily control the amount of flavor and vapor of the electronic cigarette.

What electronic cigarette are you using?

ANSWER: I am presently using the Joyetech AIO devices. Which batteries are compatible with my atomizers. ANSWER: There are only two types of connectors for the electronic cigarette. The ego and 510 connector. The larger ego batteries have both connectors and are compatible with all ego and 510 atomizers and cartomizers in out store. All 510 batteries are compatible with all 510 atomizers and cartomizers sold in our store.

Are there any secrets to getting the best experience from the electronic cigarette?

ANSWER: Yes, take a sloooow draw. Also it is good form to run more than one electronic cigarette at a time and split your puffs between them. For example, I use three electronic cigarettes at a time. I take nine puffs to be satisfied and take three puffs off each cigarette.

My atomizers/cartomizers are leaking. I am also getting fluid in my mouth. What is the problem?

ANSWER: Typically, leaking is caused by one of three things. the Customer is drawing on the device to hard (moat common), The device is not put together properly (atomizer is not screwed in all the way) or the fluid they are using is too thin (Using other businesses fluid).

My cartomizers that are not working. Any Ideas?

ANSWER: When you fill the cartomizer for the first time always make sure the atomizer coil is firmly screwed into the base of the cartomizer. Some are not screwed in tightly and this could give the impression that they are defective.

What strength fluid is best?

ANSWER: From what I understand 18mg is typical of a normal cigarette. If you smoke the ecig more than you would like try a higher strength. If you get any weird dreams or headaches, try a lower strength.

I am getting headaches and/or weird dreams. Do you know what is causing this?

ANSWER: This is typical of a person getting to much nicotine. Either reduce the amount of times you smoke it and or reduce the strength of the liquid you are using.

I just bought a kit and neither of my batteries are working. Any ideas?

ANSWER: Batteries come turned off. They need to be turned on by clicking the battery button five times in less than 1.5-2 seconds.

I am getting a gurgling sound and vapor is reduced. Any ideas?

ANSWER: This means the atomizer is flooded. Usually this is a result of the customer drawing on the electronic cigarette to hard and forcing to much fluid into the atomizer. Tilt the electronic cigarette battery towards the edge of the ceiling and draw slowly until gurgling stops and vapor is restored.

I am changing batteries and filling carts more often then I like. Any suggestions?

ANSWER: Yes, it is good form to run more than one e-cigarette at a time and to split your puffs between them. I run two e-cigarettes at a time, take 8 puffs to be satisfied and take four puffs off each e-cigarette. This provides two benefits. It reduces the strain on the atomizers and allows them to last longer. And it provides us with a better experience since every additional e-cigarette we run reduces the times you need to replace batteries and fill carts.

I noticed you sell regular and low resistance atomizers. What is the difference?

ANSWER:Regular atomizers produce normal amounts of vapor. Low resistance atomizers burn hotter and produce more vapor.

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